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Chapter 14

Social Psychology

Social Psychology - Overview

Social Psychology - Brief Introduction

Social Psychology Network

Social Psychology Forum

Attribution Theory

Attribution Theory - Overview

Attribution Theory Explained in Simple Terms

The Fundamental Attribution Error

Attitudes and Persuasion

Attitude - Overview

Attitude and Behavior

Persuasion - Overview

Sleeper Effect

Mere Exposure Effect

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Cognitive Dissonance and Doomsday Predictions

Cognitive Dissonance and Smoking

Festinger and Carlsmith's 1959 Paper

Interpersonal Attraction

Physical Attractiveness - Overview

Physical Attractiveness - be a subject in online experiments

What Makes a Face Attractive?

How Physical Attractiveness Influences Relationships

Facial Symmetry

Forms of Love

Power of the Situation

Stanford Prison Study

Stanford Prison Study Slide Show

Zimbardo on Prisoner Abuse

Zimbardo - The Political Psychology of Terrorist Alarms (PDF)

Zimbardo Interview on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse (audio)

BBC Recreation of Zimbardo Prison Study


Conformity - Overview

Asch Conformity Experiments

Group Influence

Social Facilitation

Social Loafing


Group Polarization


Obedience to Authority

Milgram Shock Experiment

Personal Account of a Milgram Subject

Baumrind's Criticism of Milgram's Study

Milgram's Reply to Baumrind


Foot-in-the-door Technique

Door-in-the-face Technique

Brainwashing and Cults


A Critical Look at Brainwashing and Cults

Coerced Confessions

Facts about Coerced Confessions

Coerced Confessions - Overview and real-life examples

Kassin - Students More Accurate than Police in ID of True Confessions (PDF)

Innocence Project False Confessions Page

The Role of False Confessions in Illinois Murder Cases Since 1970

Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination


Sterrotypes in Popular Culture

Bimbos and Rambos: Gender stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes in Cartoons

Social Stereotypes

Ethnic Stereotypes in American Media




Reducing Prejudice

The Robbers Cave Experiment

Jigsaw Classrooms

Cooperation and Competition

Essay on Cooperation Versus Competition

Research on Competition and Cooperation


Aggresion and the Brain

Miller's Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis Paper

Berkowitz's Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis Paper

Bandura's Social Learning Theory and Aggression

Bandura's Classic Experiment - Modeling and Aggression

APA Article on Violence and Video Games

Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention - Overview


Inclusive Fitness

Kitty Genovese

Genovese Murderer's Confession


Latane and Darley Paper on Bystander Intervention

Diffusion of Responsibility