The Science of Psychology

About the Book

The Science of Psychology is an introductory psychology textbook no longer available from McGraw-Hill Custom Publishing. The book is unique in its use of the Preview, Actively Read, and Test Yourself (PAT) study system (for more about this technique, see the Proposal). It also features a highly approachable reading level, a concise and accurate representation of important findings in psychology, and a number of highly effective pedagogical aids.

The text is a comprehensive, empirically-based text with a reading level suitable for students at two-year institutions. In spite of the reading level, the text is rigorous and is also appropriate for use at four-year institutions.

The Science of Psychology is in its second edition and has been in use in the Minnesota Community College system for over two years.

Pedagogical Aids

  • Chapter preview questions
  • Running glossary
  • In-text focus questions
  • 'Locking It In' quizzes
  • Chapter summary
  • Keyword list
  • Important name list


  • Applications Box
  • Science of Psychology Journal
  • Going Beyond the Data Box


  • Study Guide
  • Test Bank
  • Web Site


At present, The Science of Psychology is only available within the MnSCU system of institutions in Minnesota.

It can be purchased at selected college bookstores, including the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Bookstore.

Request examination copies through the "Contact" link on this page.



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